Jaure is a Spanish standard and special coupling manufacturer. Company was found in year 1958 and is today part of Emerson Industrial Automation group. We store Jaure MT gear couplings to size MT-233 (max bore 233mm). We also store drum- and disc couplings and also disc packs for lamidisc couplings. We do borings in our own machining hall. Normal delivery time is in 2-4 weeks but it is possible also do in few days in a special case.

Jaure products:

  • MT- gear couplings
  • Lamidisc disc couplings
  • TCB- and TCB-S- drum couplings
  • AL-S-, AL-SD- and ALD gear shafts
  • Record spring couplings
  • Jauflex flexible claw couplings
  • IXILFLEX flexible coupling
  • COMPOLINK flexible composite coupling
  • JFTL torque limiter
  • JCS- composite spacers
  • JHC hydraulic mounting bush