Service and installation work

We offer services for customer process equipment on site or in our service hall. If there is a need we can modify or improve equipment with better solutions. We make a maintenance report of our every work and deliver it to customer.

We install new devices and bigger complexes of equipment. Our installation services include all needed parts for designing to running-in.

Our installation work includes:

  • mechanical designing
  • parts and components
  • inspection of delivery
  • installation work
  • commissioning
  • preventive maintenance



We service gear motors and gears regardless of brand. Maintenance work includes electric motor maintenance and measuring, bearing- sealing work, new components and test drive including measuring. We have signed a comprehensive agreement in cooperation with Kumera Drives Oy in June 2017.


We service all kind of pumps like centrifugal-, section-, screw-, diaphragm-, extraction pumps. We also perform condition analysis and maintenance to all kind of vacuum pumps e.g. NASH, Elmo, Siemens and Sihi. If there is need we can also make a special coating to the pump for example with Belzona.

Other process equipment

Our fitters have experience over decades about industrial process equipment. We service with expertise our customers critical equipment like sorter, mixer, blower, stretcher and guides.

Designing work and projects

We design different kind of solutions from single parts to large assemblies. We use Inventor 3D designing tool.


We realize our customers smaller as well as bigger projects from single special parts to full assemblies. We offer an overlying complex for predesigning to start. We can also take care of preventive maintenance over equipment life time.

Machining and welding

We machine single parts, repairing machining and standard parts to assemblies and manufacturing. Our service also holds titan welding and machining.

Lathe work

We make repairing machining to seal faces, threads and bushed faces. We use our CNC turning machine to make small sets like shafts, bushes, cord wheels, bearing houses, labyrinth sealings and rings.

CNC machining centre

Our service includes:

  • gear bearing face dimensional check and possible repairs
  • grinder house machining for bigger blades
  • feeder machining and repairs after welding
  • machine frames

Other machining, coating and welding

We have also other machining services at hand. Like keyway machining with drawing machine or jigger. We also offer diamond coating for small parts. Diamond coating retain good passive hardness and smaller friction and better chemical resistance. Subjects sealing sleeves, shafts, bits, impellers and side plates.

Measuring and condition monitoring

Condition monitoring

We execute condition monitoring and endoscope illustration to process equipment. Our service includes comprehensive range about gears and bearings condition monitoring and balancing. We do also acceptance inspection. We trace couplings and cardan shafts with laser up to 20m. For further installation accuracy needs we can also use theodolite for more accurate result.

Schaeffler OPTIME – Schaeffler OPTIME is a new wireless condition monitoring system. Condition monitoring can be expensive. Which is why up to 95% of all machines inside factories are only sporadically monitored, or often not at all. This can lead to unplanned breakdowns and downtime.
OPTIME from Schaeffler allows for comprehensive condition monitoring that is both easy and affordable. Thanks to its simple plug & play installation, OPTIME allows you to start monitoring hundreds of rotating machines in just a few hours.
With the ability to work on almost all machines, OPTIME can detect potential damage, imbalances or misalignments – even weeks in advance! This enables you to easily and conveniently plan your long-term maintenance, manpower or spare-parts requirements.
KTT Tekniikka can be responsible for monitoring all data and therefore KTT can provide a full condition monitoring service to their customers.


We are using a moveable Hexagon Absolute Arm measuring device. The Hexagon Absolute Arm 87- series measuring device thanks to its mobility is very well suitable for many different applications. Different applications include inspection e.g. distance between shaft ends, shaft wearing, determining shaft diameter or conicity. With the device it is also possible to inspect manufactured component measurements and compare it to the drawing and its specified dimensions.

When it is required to have the reachability of an articulated arm measuring device and extremely accurate measuring the device we use is in elite class in its market. Hexagon is one of the leading mobile measuring device manufacturers in the world.