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KTT Tekniikka is a comprehensive partner for industrial companies and equipment manufacturers. Our operations combine strong expertise in components and decades of experience with industrial equipment. Our wide range of products includes both individual components and complete assemblies for industry and manufacturer needs.

Customer orientation and commitment to our work are the cornerstones of our operations. We provide our customers with the best possible high-quality products and services that ensure uninterrupted production.

Our suppliers are internationally recognised, leading companies in their respective fields. Choose KTT – Your dependable partner in industrial service and maintenance
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KTT is member of Beijer Tech AB, a group of specialist companies which collaborate to make the Nordic industries even more competitive.

Beijer Tech represents some of the world’s leading manufacturers and, through its subsidiaries, offers processed, customer-adapted solutions within the surface treatment, foundry, steelworks and smelters, fluid technology and industrial rubber product areas. Beijer Tech has turnover of around 100 million euros, over 300 employees and can be found in 20 locations across the Nordic region.  More information about Beijer Tech Group can be found from this link.

Beijer Tech is included in the Beijer Alma Group, which is quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm Stock Exchange. Included in the group is also Lesjöfors (development / manufacturing of springs, wire and flat strip components) and Habia Cable (development / manufacturing of custom-designed cables). The Beijer Alma Group has sales of approximately 400 million euros and 2700 employees. More info about Beijer Alma Group can be found from this link.



We design and implement new transmission solutions together with our customers and develop and improve existing solutions. We deliver v-belt and chain transmissions, couplings, gears and gear motors. Our transmission product suppliers are leading companies in their field in Finland.


Together with the world’s leading seal manufacturers, we offer the right sealing solutions for the process industry. We provide both standardised gaskets as well as custom sealing solutions that save energy and the environment.

Our range of products includes gaskets, plait gaskets, mechanical seals, rotary shaft seals, O-rings, non-flow sealing solutions and maintenance services for mechanical seals.

Bearing products

We deliver slide bearings, ball bearings, roller bearings and needle bearings, linear motion products and bearing maintenance products according to our customers’ needs with professionalism and 30 years of experience. We are a representative of Schaeffler bearing products.

Spare parts and components

We provide parts and components for process equipment either as OEM or equivalent parts, depending on our customers’ choice. Spare parts for a wide range of applications from the world’s leading manufacturers. We stock and deliver components for customer and device-specific needs.


Industrial maintenance and installation services

We service process equipment on site or at our service centres, and procure or manufacture all spare parts needed for the maintenance. If necessary, we modify and update serviced equipment with modern solutions.

Below are examples of equipment we service routinely and with professionalism:

    • Industrial gears and gear motors
    • Industrial pumps
    • Mixers
    • Sorters
    • Screws and clamps
    • Rotary feeders
    • Axles
    • Various fans
    • Compressors
    • Tensioners and actuators
    • Shutdown maintenance

We provide our customers a maintenance report with photos for all work performed and recommendations for follow-up measures if necessary. We grant a warranty for all equipment we service.

Installation service

We install new equipment and device clusters. Our installation services cover all necessary steps from design to commissioning.

Our installation services include:

    • Design
    • Purchase of equipment and components
    • Inspection on delivery
    • Installation
    • Commissioning
    • Preventive maintenance

Industrial gear maintenance

We service industrial gears and gear motors regardless of brand. Service includes maintenance and measuring of electric motors, bearing and sealing work, new transmission parts and test run including measuring.

We have had a cooperation agreement with Kumera Drives Oy since 2017.

Pump maintenance

Our industrial pump maintenance service covers all types of industrial pumps, including:

    • Centrifugal pumps
    • Rotary lobe pumps
    • Screw pumps
    • Diaphragm pumps
    • Extraction pumps
    • Vacuum pumps and fans (incl. NASH, Elmo, Siemens, Sihi)

Included in pump maintenance:

    • Condition assessment and purchase or manufacture of necessary spare parts
    • Chamber expansion and other necessary machining
    • Pressure testing
    • Painting and surface treatment
    • Coating when necessary
    • Maintenance of auxiliary equipment is also possible at our service centre
    • Comprehensive report with photos and warranty

We also perform condition assessments of vacuum pumps.

Design and projects

We design solutions from individual components to complex assemblies. We carry out the following types of projects, among others:

    • Modifications and development of existing operational constructs
    • Prototype design
    • Changes in use

We use Inventor 3D CAD software in our design work.

We carry out our customers’ projects from equipment assemblies to individual, customer-specific specialised products. We offer a comprehensive service from pre-design to implementation and warranty service. If necessary, we will take care of the operability of equipment throughout their lifecycle.

Machining and welding

We perform machining work of individual parts, urgent deliveries, repair machining and standard products for assembly and manufacturing. Our service also covers titanium welding and machining.


Y=1200, X=1600, Z=1250, max weight 3500 kg

Examples of applications:

    • Inspections and possible repairs of gear bearing positions
    • Boring of grinder chambers for larger blades
    • Feeder drill and rotary feeder frame machining after repair welding
    • Mounting beds and trestles

CNC machining centre and lathe work

Our services include repair lathe work for sealing surfaces, threads and bushings. We use CNC machines for small lathe sets such as shafts, bushes, cord wheels, bearing housings, labyrinth sealings and rings.

Other machining methods, coatings and welding

In addition to the above, we also perform other machining work, such as:

    • Wedge grooves with a draw bench or planer
    • Milling and grinding
    • Diamond coating of parts

Diamond coating has good wear resistance, lower friction and chemical resistance when it is necessary to replace materials such as titanium. Parts that can be coated include sealing sleeves, shafts, blade pieces, impellers and side plates.

Welding work at our workshop or on the customer’s premises (qualifications in black, mixed joint, acid resistant, duplex and super duplex)

Measuring and condition monitoring

Condition monitoring

We provide condition monitoring and endoscopy imaging of process equipment. Our services includes a comprehensive range of measurements of gears and bearings, for example. We also perform acceptance inspections.

We trace couplings and cardan shafts with a laser up to a distance of 20 meters. If installation requires further accuracy, we use theodolite and a high precision leveller.

Schaeffler OPTIME

OPTIME is a new wireless condition monitoring system by Schaeffler. The system is highly cost-effective and easy to install as a “plug & play” style solution, allowing us to begin monitoring hundreds of rotating devices in a matter of hours. The intelligent network and mesh technology used by the Optime system repairs itself in the event of damage or overload. Its sensors will look for new routes to bypass obstacles created by the structures.

The sensor monitors all vital metrics for the operation of the device, including effective value of acceleration, acceleration kurtosis, effective value of velocity, demodulated effective value, and temperature. In addition, the system can be used to review raw data, such as acceleration time domain signal and spectrum. All data can be viewed directly with the OPTIME mobile application or on a browser from the cloud service.

The customer can also purchase device and condition monitoring as a service entirely from KTT Tekniikka.


We operate a portable Hexagon Absolute Arm 8725 articulated arm measuring device. Thanks to its mobility, it is highly suitable for many different applications.

Examples of applications include:

    • Quality assurance
    • Inspection of dimensions and profiles
    • Component modelling
    • 3D measuring of gearboxes
    • Measurement and modelling of toothed parts (gears, gear shafts, coupling parts, etc.)
    • On-site measurements
    • Measurement of shaft end distances and wearing
    • Measurement of diameter and conicity

When the reach of a full-size articulated measuring instrument is required and the focus is on extremely precise measurements, the articulated arm measuring device in our use is a leader in its field. Hexagon is one of the world’s most widely recognised manufacturers of portable measuring instruments.



Jaure is a Spanish manufacturer of standard and specialised couplings. We store Jaure MT gear couplings up to size MT-233 (=max drilling). We also stock barrel and disc pack couplings and disc pack sets. We perform boring at our own machining centre. Normal delivery time for boring work is approx. 2 weeks. in urgent cases, bore machining can be done in one day.

Jaure has been a leading supplier of couplings for over 50 years.

Jaure’s product range:

MT – gear couplings (MT, MTT, MTT-HD)

LAMIDISC™ – disc pack couplings

BARFLEX® – barrel couplings (TCB, TCB-HD and TCBR)

AL-S / AL-SD / ALD – gear shafts

RECORD – spring couplings

JAUFLEX® – elastomeric claw couplings

IXILFLEX® – flexible coupling

COMPOLINK – flexible composite couplings

JFTL – torque limiters

JCS – composite shaftlines

JHC – hydraulic shaft couplings

ELECTRONIC WEAR INDICATOR – wear monitoring systems


                                           Our service centres in Finland are part of the global KUMERA Service Center network.

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